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Strategy, Performance Improvement and Governance & Risk



Developing sustainable strategies and translating them into results


Market Research

We provide insight and information to identify and analyse your markets, customers, products, competitors and other business drivers impacting your current or prospective markets


Market Entry 

We enhance your ability to achieve the optimal mode of entry in unfamiliar markets. We help you navigate through the landscape of rules and regulations relating to your target markets


Strategic Planning

We help you develop well considered strategic plans, evaluate key initiatives and assess the options necessary to fulfill your goals. Further, we oversee the effective delivery and implementation of your strategy 


Growth & Innovation 

We work with you to develop customised growth and innovation strategies, thereby helping you expand and deliver new sources of value to your organisation



We provide insights to better understand, identify, segment, target and improve your engagement with customers 


Performance Improvement


Helping companies achieve their optimal performance potential


Diagnosis & Implementation

We improve the performance of your company at any stage of its lifecycle. Working with your management team, our dedicated senior professionals will comprehensively evaluate your business, identify opportunities for improvement and customise solutions that quickly drive measurable results


Performance Monitoring

Appointed by the relevant stakeholders, we review and monitor the financial and operational performance of your business by way of submitting a deliverable inclusive of performance against pre-set key performance indicators on a periodic basis. In conjunction with this process we assess the capabilities of your management team, identify organisation deficiencies and provide you with our impartial recommendations

Commercial Finance 

We assist management with designing suitable business plans, annual budgets, management reporting packs and setting specific key performance indicators. As a result, management will be in possession of accurate and timely information in order to make sound commercial decisions



We work with your management team to identify, develop and implement strategic, operational and financial improvement initiatives that significantly increase revenues, rationalise your cost base & manpower and optimise your working capital



We provide secondments of our experienced partners or associates on a full or part time basis to act in an interim managerial capacity in order to lead a specific project or a turnaround within a client organisation

Governance & Risk 


Enhancing oversight and reducing uncertainties to drive performance



We support you in building robust and practical corporate governance frameworks to aid you with having the right balance between board oversight and effective business management


Board Advisory

We participate as non-executive or independent board members where we typically serve as financial and/or risk management experts. We also participate and chair designated committees such as the audit and risk committee



We assist you in developing tailored risk management controls and procedures. Our enterprise risk management frameworks help you address risk either at an enterprise-wide basis or at a business process level