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We support companies during the full launch process in order to help achieve their optimal performance potential 

Business Planning

We help you develop a well thought out business model and a comprehensively planned strategy with valuable inputs from industry best practices and our experiences across various domains and industries 

Business Development 

We will conduct a target identification study to select your ideal niche or segment, followed by a sales and lead generation strategy to reach the appropriate targets using our network, a tailored communication process and other market means and methods to further boost your sales and client base

Global Network

We provide operational and management support, mentorship and subject matter experts on a full or part time basis through our global pool of contacts and networks so you can be empowered to tackle your goals during the launch and startup phase

Digital Marketing

We work with you to develop tailored video marketing, digital advertising, viral content and social media campaigns to boost your brand awareness, loyalty and user traffic, utilising our in-house production teams and working relationships with social media influencers


We help design a funding strategy tailored to your development schedule and positioning, prepare your pitch documents and support you on the path to funding, leveraging our extensive knowledge and relations with private investors and VCs

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