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We help startups move past early stage barriers and unlock new growth opportunities 


We help further adapt your product to cope with rapid growth of the user base, usually by developing an enhanced and improved version through a series of iterations, each changing or adding an element of the product, and followed by user testing to validate the effectiveness of the change

Customer & Market

We help you maintain a successful organisation and capture new growth opportunities as you expand the product portfolio, look to serve new customers, deal with different competitors and enter new geographical markets 


We work with you to identify and redesign new strategic, operational and financial improvement initiatives to help you increase profits, reduce costs, improve process efficiencies and reduce working capital requirements 


We can help you find the right talent to build the optimal team or serve in various management, advisory and board capacities to ensure you maintain a healthy organisation as you grow and scale capabilities 


We help you with the new funding round (typically Series B at this stage), as you move past the early-stage barriers, demonstrate a track record of high growth and shows potential to scale up, launch new verticals, build on core strengths and grow your team

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